Does pidgin need an Internet connection per se or can it run on internal Corporate LAN?

Peter Lawler pidgin-devel at
Thu Jul 26 10:32:57 EDT 2007

Bill Fassler wrote:
> I am trying a test to see if pidgin will work in an isolated internal 
> corporate LAN.  I would have assumed so but after launching the 
> application it seems like it is trying to "connect" to something that 
> isn't there.....
At a first guess, it's possible it's attempting to contact the version 
info on the site to see if an update's available. I believe 
this is a plugin which can be disabled.

You can start pidgin in a non-connected stat by using the -n switch, and 
by using the -d switch (or the Debug Log veiwer in pidgin) would 
probably tell you a bit more about what it's doing internally.



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