Does pidgin need an Internet connection per se or can it run on internal Corporate LAN?

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at
Thu Jul 26 11:45:04 EDT 2007

On my newer 64-bit Ubuntu box I have GAIM 2.0.0.beta6. I assume I can not use Yahoo, AIM, MSN etc because they are looking for IM servers on the Internet when I am on an isolated LAN.  I have never used this application so bear with me here.  I chose Gadu-Gadu and although it initially claimed that it could not acquire a token or something, I managed through trial and error to create and enter a chat room. Now I am trying to use an older 32-bit machine running Slackware to join in the chat session.  It can not find the chat room (which is the only one on the entire LAN)  and I fail to see how I can tell it specifically what IP and/or port to go to. It even came back once saying "server not found" and I had no idea what server it was trying to locate. Keep in mind this is an older (perhaps much older version of GAIM)

Anyway, my objective is to get a box to box chat going on and then try to push it through an encrypted tunnel using OpenVPN.

If you have any documentation that can help please point me to it, because I'm sure GAIM/Pidgin is painless and idiot-proof when you are on the web, but I can't seem to get it up and running on my LAN.

Oh I am also in the process of trying to create an embedded version of Finch which is why I am in the devel forum at all, but maybe this quiestion should be on some newb user forum, sorry.

Now on an older 32-bit Slackware box

Daniel Atallah <daniel.atallah at> wrote: On 7/26/07, Bill Fassler  wrote:
> I am trying a test to see if pidgin will work in an isolated internal
> corporate LAN.  I would have assumed so but after launching the application
> it seems like it is trying to "connect" to something that isn't there.....
> Bill

There is no reason that Pidgin needs an internet connection for use
with an internal server.

What exactly are you seeing that makes it "seems like it is trying to
'connect' to something that isn't there"?


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