summer of code updates?

Shkutkov Michael mish at
Thu Jul 26 15:10:25 EDT 2007

  Sean Egan wrote:
> While I've got a generally good idea of how everyone's doing from
> watching commits and updates on blogs, the wiki, IRC, etc., it would
> be cool if all the students involved in the summer of code posted a
> brief status update here so we can all know everyone's status,
> especially the quieter ones ;)

Sorry, for delay I was a little busy, but now it's ok.

I added support for QIP logs to the Log Reader plugin. Richard is going 
to propagate all
this stuff with 2.1.0

This logger was also necessary for understanding Pidgin codebase.

I've almost finished nonblocking log stuff and rewriting code for using 
it (big thanks Sadrul,
he’ve made more optimal implementation of buddy list log sorting in finch)

Now I should make some decision on nonblocking log functions interface 
and usability. So
I'm going to the of this week start working on database logger.

For more information look at

With best regards,
Shkutkov Michael

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