summer of code updates?

Eric Polino aluink at
Wed Jul 25 09:12:03 EDT 2007

On 7/24/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:
> While I've got a generally good idea of how everyone's doing from
> watching commits and updates on blogs, the wiki, IRC, etc., it would
> be cool if all the students involved in the summer of code posted a
> brief status update here so we can all know everyone's status,
> especially the quieter ones ;)

I did some work on key-rebinding, though that wasn't fully completed.
Once I get logging working where we want it to be then I'll come back
to this and clean it up.  I still have to talk with Sadrul about
exactly what we want here as a final product.

I think I've got sound pretty much working well.  We're just waiting
for 2.1.0 to be able to prop it over to ipp.

I have a basic working model for viewing logs in Finch.  Once we nail
down how we want the remotelogging to work and have that set, I'll be
able to get that working in a few days.  From there I hope to find a
way to do some decent searching.

>From working all summer on this and talking with Sadrul quite a bit
I've been getting some ideas all over the place.  The ones that have
materialized the most are a TinyURL plugin(#2017) and getting libgnt
to work standalone.  Sadrul did the headwork in getting it standalone,
I've been playing around with getting it into a Gentoo package.

Things are going well!



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