Proposal for an extended callbacks field

Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu Jul 26 16:34:53 EDT 2007

Andreas Monitzer spake unto us the following wisdom:
> >> This action prompts the user for the JID of the search service, which
> >> has the same issue as the gateway registration you're proposing: How
> >> the heck should the user know what to enter there?
> >> Right now you're prefilling the field with the search service of the
> >> local server, which is a nice pick, but not the only one possible by
> >> far.
> >
> > Same as above. Can you explain to me how making this class of things
> > members of the prpl_info struct will negate needing to allow people to
> > enter in JIDs that they may or may not have at hand?
> Discovery browser.

Please answer the question.  How does *making it a prpl_info callback*
change the game?  "Discovery browser" is not an answer to that

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