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Eric Richie edr1084 at
Thu Jul 26 19:42:24 EDT 2007

> Do you have logs of the conversation where you were told this? I don't
> recall saying any such thing and I certainly can't imagine anyone else
> having said so. What I am certain was said is that pidgin has no interest
> in support transports and that pidgin will not write any code to support
> them. The discovery browser is something we have been wanting for a while,
> I just never sat down to actually work on one because I hate the standard
> tree-view UI for them and can't bring myself to write Yet Another
> Tree-View UI.

This is why I log everything...

The following is part of a relevant discussion that occurred in #adium on
June 15th:

durin42:seanegan: while you're here - what are your thoughts on supporting
gateways in libpurple?

seanegan:great things.

seanegan:durin42: My thoughts have been that as much functionality as
reasonable should go into purple, even if it's not used by every UI.

seanegan: Which is the general consensus.

hal2k:seanegan: the general consensus by whom?

seanegan:by the Pidgin developers.


durin42: that'll make our lives easier when we get there

hal2k:seanegan: I've heard other things in #pidgin, though

hal2k:see my last posting to the devel-list about plugins talking to plugins

seanegan: Some things, however, would be very difficult to create a good UI
abstraction for , and you'd be better off doing as a plugin.

hal2k:seanegan: all the UI I have except for the discovery browser can be
done by using field requests

seanegan:but if you could come up with a good UI abstraction, it would still
be better

hal2k:seanegan: a major problem is that Adium can't talk to the xmpp plugin

hal2k:seanegan: the only way to integrate xmpp-specific features is in that
action menu that's hidden two levels deep

durin42 = Augie Fackler (Andreas's Mentor)
seanegan = Sean Egan ;)
hal2k = Andreas

I know that's not absolutely everything that's ever been discussed on the
subject but this was one I was present for that should help fill in a couple
details.  (I also have the full logs of the session if need be, but this was
the only relevant part.)

-Eric Richie

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