Account editor

Sean Egan seanegan at
Fri Jul 27 19:10:43 EDT 2007

People are always getting confused by our account editor!

Here are a few assorted thoughts:
We use the term "Screen name" for every account; this is an AIMism,
and we should probably have the prpl specify what to call this (e.g.
UIN, JID, etc).

XMPP uses a complicated username split that separates the JID into
three boxes, which tends to confuse people. I propose a single box,
named JID, that takes 'seanegan at' If the resource (the
/Work) part is omitted, we append the default.

People still don't know what 'Local alias' is. Just today, my friend
thought it would be the name of the group his friends from that
account got added to. Perhaps defaulting it to "Me" might get the
point across (Google Talk, for instance, shows all the messages you
send as coming from "me:").


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