Adding timestamp to received-{im,chat}-msg; time_t over D-Bus

Will Thompson resiak at
Sat Jul 28 07:11:59 EDT 2007


The received-im-msg signal does not pass the callback the message time.
This is probably a bad thing.  In im.pidgin.soc.2007.telepathy I have
added a received-im-msg-with-timestamp signal which has the 'time_t
mtime' argument.  I also fixed up the logging signals to use time_t
properly rather than choosing int or int64 based on sizeof(time_t), at
Richard's request.  (This does not break the libpurple ABI.)

Does anyone object to me pushing this extra signal to im.pidgin.pidgin
(assuming someone doesn't release 2.1 while I'm not looking, else to the
2.2 branch) and assigning to myself a bug at the 3.0 milestone to get
rid of it and fix up the proper signal?

Also, the D-Bus API should be the same on all platforms, since D-Bus can
operate between two different machines, so time_t is always sent as an
INT64.  This breaks the D-Bus API for the logging signals.  Since the
API was previously inconsistent between platforms, I'm inclined to say
"whatever", particularly since no-one writes loggers using the D-Bus API
anyway.  ;-)

See mtn diff -r 56ee47cf16ab80166a40a0a656778f158c6f1c59 -r
5d85c0178905b4002b2f2c68a8fc55c156be76a7 for the gory details.  I still
need to fix conversation-signals.dox and add
received-chat-msg-with-timestamp (for completeness).


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