ICQ away messages

Knut Lorenzen lo.knut at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 28 11:35:42 EDT 2007


I noticed that Pidgin and Adium both have difficulties displaying  
status messages from ICQ 5 clients (some characteres don't display  
correctly), and ICQ 5 doesn't display Adium/Pidgin status messages at  
all. This problem persists for a while now, while other open source  
IMs like Miranda and Kopete seem to have solved that problem.

I did some research with wireshark and found out that all clients  
except Adium/Pidgin use a new method to retrieve away messages. This  
method is not supported by libpurple, so ICQ 5 doesn't display the  
away message.

Using the old method to retrieve an away message from an ICQ 5 user  
still workds, but non-ascii characters are sent in some unknown  
encoding. This should also be fixed by implementing that new method.

Here's a list of tickets, I think they should be merged:

Just let me know in what way I can help you out, I'd like to finally  
have my buddys read my away message ;)

best regards,

Knut Lorenzen

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