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Mark Doliner mark at
Sat Jul 28 13:58:27 EDT 2007

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007 01:25:08 -0400, Etan Reisner wrote
> On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 04:10:43PM -0700, Sean Egan wrote:
> > XMPP uses a complicated username split that separates the JID into
> > three boxes, which tends to confuse people. I propose a single box,
> > named JID, that takes 'seanegan at' If the resource (the
> > /Work) part is omitted, we append the default.
> I'm not a fan of doing this because (as a recent thread on the standards
> XMPP mailing list has made clear) it gets us into the game of having 
> to deal intelligently with people pasting things like 'foo at'
> into the screen name field. Which is perfectly clear and has only one
> actual meaning as a JID but requires parsing to work out as opposed 
> to using separate entry boxes.

What?  It's a freaking computer program.  Parsing the server name and resource
from a string isn't that hard.

> (Not to mention making it more 
> complicated to pre-fill with a given server name, for things like 
> the Google Talk 'protocol'.)

You could pre-fill it with "example at"  Or even better, don't
pre-fill it with anything and then append if the user didn't enter a
server name.

On a related note, Sean, how does the Google Talk client know whether to use or  I can enter the user portion of my account into Google Talk and it is somehow able to log in.


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