summer of code updates?

Carlos Silva typ0 at
Mon Jul 30 23:44:26 EDT 2007

On 7/24/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:
 > While I've got a generally good idea of how everyone's doing from
 > watching commits and updates on blogs, the wiki, IRC, etc., it would
 > be cool if all the students involved in the summer of code posted a
 > brief status update here so we can all know everyone's status,
 > especially the quieter ones ;)

I've been hunting for and fixing some major bugs in MSNP14 branch  
(and minor too) so that it becomes usable and at least on par  
stability-wise with the MSNP implementation in pidgin 2.1.0 . I hope  
to have it ready in the next few days to be merged so that it can be  
used by a wider audience.
For now, the major obstacles are a bug in adding buddies which  
sometimes don't get added at all and connections through proxies  
could be better. There are also other minor bugs to deal with, but  
MSNP14 branch is shaping up nicely to replace im.pidgin.pidgin msnp  

Next i hope to improve SOAP requests handling which are increasingly  
central to MSNP, by creating a small library to process them, to  
avoid parsing them manually with printfs. Things are going well  
albeit a little late as my exams finally ended just some days ago.


- Carlos

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