summer of code updates?

William Ehlhardt williamehlhardt at
Mon Jul 30 02:29:33 EDT 2007

On 7/24/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:
> While I've got a generally good idea of how everyone's doing from
> watching commits and updates on blogs, the wiki, IRC, etc., it would
> be cool if all the students involved in the summer of code posted a
> brief status update here so we can all know everyone's status,
> especially the quieter ones ;)

The Certificate Manager has been implemented to the point that it
could be said to serve its purpose, but only barely.

The libpurple internal infrastructure has been mostly implemented. I
have a generic PurpleCertificate type that should be sufficiently
general to be used for SILC keys as well as SSL's X.509 certificates,
along with related systems such an extensible certificate validation
interface (though CertificateVerifiers) and a generic interface for
storage and retrieval of certificates in databases, called "Pools".

The GnuTLS SSL plugin has all the extensions necessary to do basic
user-aided validation of certificates; the NSS plugin has not yet been
so extended, but this should be easy (hah).

As it stands, the im.pidgin.soc.2007.certmgr branch supports a level
of functionality akin to ssh's "known_hosts" system, with support for
caching public certificates by hostname for SSL.

The GUI still needs work to make all this useful. I expect to have the
"peer certificate cache" management fully functional in the next few

Goals for the rest of the summer:
1. NSS support
2. Finish the peers cache manager
3. Implement validation against a trusted certificate authority database.


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