[PATCH] SILC prpl ported to SILC Toolkit 1.1

Pekka Riikonen priikone at iki.fi
Sun Jun 3 12:51:44 EDT 2007

: > There are quite a few changes in the Client Library API which would 
: cause > the code to be littered with #ifdef's if we want to preserve 
: support for > the Toolkit 1.0.  I did not do this, but certainly it is 
: not impossible to > do.
: Would it be preferable to maintain two prpls for SILC in libpurple, one
: that uses Toolkit 1.0 and one that uses Toolkit 1.1 ?
That would be the simplest solution but might not be the way you want to 

: One thing I noticed in the patch that I don't like is this:
:   /* If the channel is not on buddy list, automatically add it there. */
: I don't think simply joining a channel should add it to the buddy list,
: but I may be misreading the patch.
You're not misreading.  I think what is missing from that is an option 
that would do that instead of doing it by default.  Motivation behind that 
is the number one question I get from SILC prpl users: how can I change 
the channel/group modes?  Answer of course is that you can't unless you 
add the channel to the buddy list.  Another way of doing that is that it 
is not added permanently, but only for the duration of the session (while 
you're on the channel).

Users that don't add channels to buddy list miss out almost all of the 
channel related features.  Users do have access to commands they can use 
to modify the channel properties but they are not visible or documented 

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