[PATCH] SILC prpl ported to SILC Toolkit 1.1

Christopher O'Brien siege at preoccupied.net
Sun Jun 3 16:56:56 EDT 2007

On Jun 3, 2007, at 3:59 PM, Mark Doliner wrote:
> On Sun, 03 Jun 2007 11:47:58 -0500, Richard Laager wrote
>> On Sun, 2007-06-03 at 12:19 -0400, Stu Tomlinson wrote:
>>> Would it be preferable to maintain two prpls for SILC in  
>>> libpurple, one
>>> that uses Toolkit 1.0 and one that uses Toolkit 1.1 ?
>> I'd be okay with this if it's a temporary, transitional thing. I
>> don't think we should maintain it forever. Perhaps we keep it  
>> until 3.0.0?
> That sounds like a lot of work...  I was just thinking that it's  
> good to avoid
> breaking backward compatibility when possible.  But maybe it's not so
> important for this specific instance.

I'm glad this came up, as I've been working on a new version of the  
Meanwhile library (Meanwhile2), that-- among many other changes-- is  
built around g-object. The API has changed significantly (using event  
notification rather than structs filled with callback function  
pointers, rewritten service interaction, etc). Meanwhile2 isn't  
complete, but when it is, and when an updated prpl is written for it,  
Sametime support will be in the same boat that SILC is.

- siege

Christopher (siege) O'Brien
siege at preoccupied.net

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