pidgin plugins for corporate compliance

Roy Rim roy.develpidgin at
Thu Jun 7 09:59:10 EDT 2007

Hi guys,

I deal with companies that have to follow regulations from the SEC and
NASD.  Two plugins I have been working on for pidgin is a simple
Disclaimer plugin (which works fine) and a "Send Logs" plugin for
emailing the IM logs to a reporting email address.  For certain
companies these are regulations that must be followed or they could be
fined.  The pidgin team has done a great job with the look and feel of
pidgin and I would like to push my clients to it.

I was wondering if there was a way to enforce a plugin to be enabled?
I realize that this kind of goes against the definition of a "plugin"
but it seems the simplest way to enable this option without me mucking
about in the nuts and bolts of Pidgin.  Perhaps in the future there
might be a way to include corporate policies via a protected shared
preferences file?  This way an administrator could set certain
preferences that override users preferences?

Other than that do you have any suggestions that I can kind of hack
the plugin to always be enabled?


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