pidgin plugins for corporate compliance

Roy Rim roy.develpidgin at
Thu Jun 7 12:27:49 EDT 2007

Hi Ethan,

That actually sounds very good, although I guess I would like to keep
the ability to have plugin preferences.  I could make a separate
plugin just for setting preferences...  I think I can do what you're
saying for my c plugin...

Can anyone suggest how to do the same for a perl plugin?  I'm looking
at the source code and I think my brain is full.  As far as I can tell
the perl plugin is loaded first and the perl plugin itself searches
for other perl plugins...

Thanks everybody!


On 6/7/07, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:
> Roy Rim spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > I was wondering if there was a way to enforce a plugin to be enabled?
> > I realize that this kind of goes against the definition of a "plugin"
> > but it seems the simplest way to enable this option without me mucking
> > about in the nuts and bolts of Pidgin.  Perhaps in the future there
> > might be a way to include corporate policies via a protected shared
> > preferences file?  This way an administrator could set certain
> > preferences that override users preferences?
> You could solve your problem with minimal invasiveness to the existing
> Pidgin code by writing your extensions *as if* they were a plugin
> (that is, perform your actions by connecting to signals, etc., with a
> single setup function that ties everything together), and then compile
> this code directly into Pidgin and invoke your setup function from
> main() or some other appropriate point.  This would require changing
> existing Pidgin code only to add a single function invocation, and
> would require minimal changes to the linking process.  It would
> require no plugin trickery to keep the code loaded, and no additional
> preferences mechanism.
> Ethan
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