Porting finch to uClinux

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 14:39:29 EDT 2007

8-))  Certainly no insult intended.  Anyway, I sent all the attachments but the email was "bounced" awaiting moderator approval.  A little surprising since it was less than 1Mb.  I will try again sending one attachment at a time instead of all three.....

I really would appreciate it if you or someone more familiar with building pidgin would take a look and see if you can give me some advice.

I am probably just doing (or not doing) something really stupid.


Sean Egan <seanegan at gmail.com> wrote: On 6/8/07, Bill Fassler  wrote:
> Since I have stripped down embedded versions of QT and ncurses already I
> thought porting finch would be relatively easy (and I still believe that).
> However even after passing the configure argument of --disable-gtkui which
> according to your documentation should only build finch (and hopefully avoid
> gnome and other possibly problematic libraries), but it looks like the build
> still compiles gnome and xml related files (console captures attached) and I
> don't understand why a text based IM using ncurses would be doing this.

You forgot to attach the logs, but I suspect you're seeing Glib and
libxml2 which, despite being related to the GNOME project are
certainly not "GNOME libraries." They're used by libpurple; they're
entirely UI-agnostic.

Pidgin does not use any GNOME libraries: only libraries maintained by GNOME.

> Anyway, I think the basic problem is your configure doesn't seem to allow me
> to point to custom $INCLUDEDIR areas or additional include areas (at least
> not as far as I could see easily).

> So can anyone enlighten me as to why it looks like my make is still trying
> to build pidgin related crap

At first I was a bit insulted by "Pidgin related crap," but then I
realized it may be a pun.

Anyway, let me know if it's actually recursing into the pidgin/
directory. I suspect you're just seeing that libpurple wants glib and
flipping out. It's very possible our autotools is hosed, in which case
patches are always accepted :)

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