Porting finch to uClinux

Joshua Blanton jblanton at masaka.cs.ohiou.edu
Fri Jun 8 15:13:16 EDT 2007

Bill Fassler wrote:
> Basically smaller handheld devices like phones and palm-pilots do
> not run full blown Operating Systems, but stripped down real-time
> embedded versions.  I am trying to port finch into one of these
> known as uClinux (micro-controller linux) on the blackfin DSP
> (Digital SIgnal Processing) processor family.

Interesting - are you porting it to the free telephony project box?
...just curious what runs a Blackfin that you'd actually use a
console on.  :-)

Other folks have answered your questions about library dependencies,
so I'll tackle this one:

> Also, it seems your whole automake and build environment is geared
> to using the host machine libraries.  I guess this makes sense
> when you want to run your executable on the same machine, but I am
> trying to build on a regular SuSE 10.2 linux host machine, but the
> executable (which I obtain by using a custom cross compiler known
> as bfin-uclinux-gcc) is meant to run on a completely different
> architecture.
> Anyway, I think the basic problem is your configure doesn't seem
> to allow me to point to custom $INCLUDEDIR areas or additional
> include areas (at least not as far as I could see easily).

...or perhaps you've not ever cross-compiled a program using the
autoconf stuff before :-) If your build system is so configured, and
the autoconf junk works correctly, you should be able to use the
option '--host=bfin-uclinux' (or whatever - this should be correct,
if your toolchain starts with bfin-uclinux-<toolname>) to
./configure and it'll set up all of this stuff magically.  If you
already knew this, tried it, and it failed I apologize - but since
you didn't mention it, I'm assuming that you did not.  If everything
is set up right, this should automatically pull in your include
directories, etc - you may have to use the
--with-<library>-includes=<PREFIX> and
--with-<library>-libs=<PREFIX> flags, if you have dependencies
installed in crazy places, but you might not.

Hope this helps,
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