Porting finch to uClinux

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 15:45:33 EDT 2007

Josh - The target product in mind at the moment is an idiot-proff instant-on videophone, I am using opensource applications for feature rich funtionality like email, browsing, IM, movie viewer blah blah blah.....

The heart and core of the product is proprietary of course, but we want to throw in additonal features without royalties and without a gazillion man hours to develop our own stuff.....

As far as my troubles at the moment, perhaps you didn't get my build script but yes I am using --host=bfin-uclinux and no everything doesn't seem to be falling magically in place.  Although I don't claim to be a veteran wizard, I have done cross compiling before and I can't remember a single time things went "magically well"... but alas such is life.

The current solution still eludes me. Your last piece of advice sounds promising and I already thought of it, but I thought the options had to be listed in the config file in the pidgin directory before I could use them.  When I do a ./configure -help I don't see the --with-include= or --with-libs= options....... Don't they have to be listed and recognized there before I can use them?


Joshua Blanton <jblanton at masaka.cs.ohiou.edu> wrote: Bill Fassler wrote:
> Basically smaller handheld devices like phones and palm-pilots do
> not run full blown Operating Systems, but stripped down real-time
> embedded versions.  I am trying to port finch into one of these
> known as uClinux (micro-controller linux) on the blackfin DSP
> (Digital SIgnal Processing) processor family.

Interesting - are you porting it to the free telephony project box?
...just curious what runs a Blackfin that you'd actually use a
console on.  :-)

Other folks have answered your questions about library dependencies,
so I'll tackle this one:

> Also, it seems your whole automake and build environment is geared
> to using the host machine libraries.  I guess this makes sense
> when you want to run your executable on the same machine, but I am
> trying to build on a regular SuSE 10.2 linux host machine, but the
> executable (which I obtain by using a custom cross compiler known
> as bfin-uclinux-gcc) is meant to run on a completely different
> architecture.
> Anyway, I think the basic problem is your configure doesn't seem
> to allow me to point to custom $INCLUDEDIR areas or additional
> include areas (at least not as far as I could see easily).

...or perhaps you've not ever cross-compiled a program using the
autoconf stuff before :-) If your build system is so configured, and
the autoconf junk works correctly, you should be able to use the
option '--host=bfin-uclinux' (or whatever - this should be correct,
if your toolchain starts with bfin-uclinux-) to
./configure and it'll set up all of this stuff magically.  If you
already knew this, tried it, and it failed I apologize - but since
you didn't mention it, I'm assuming that you did not.  If everything
is set up right, this should automatically pull in your include
directories, etc - you may have to use the
 flags, if you have dependencies
installed in crazy places, but you might not.

Hope this helps,

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