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Evil Dennis Ristuccia dennisr-gaimdevel at dennisr.net
Tue Jun 12 02:24:28 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Ethan Blanton spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> Fortunately, Etan had it handy:
>> http://pidgin.im/~deryni/available.png
> Oops, wrong one:
> http://pidgin.im/~deryni/feather.png

When I first read "feather" I envisioned a "Mario Brothers 3" style long 
tapered feather..


Looks more like a leaf more than anything. The purple blends in with the 
clock too much I think.. (Maybe we could go back to using the paper for 
away status.... ;) just kidding)

Dennis Ristuccia
dennisr-pidgin at dennisr.net

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