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Luigi lemsx1 at
Tue Jun 12 09:40:23 EDT 2007

Hello all,

Are there any plans (or is there a plugin) to have a better contextual menu
for buddies in the list. I have a very long list of buddies in my list, and
I'm trying my best to create as many groups as I can think of to better sort
users. The only interface to move a buddy from one group to another seems to
be dragging and dropping the user from one group to the next.

It would be nice if one could, say, right click on a buddy and go to Get
Info and from there be able to do things to the buddy (local to the system).
One of those things is to move a buddy from one group to another by either
having a list of groups as a drop-down menu, or allowing you to type the
name of the group (text completion of course since you might mispelled the
group name and creating another group might not be what the user intended).

I believe that can be easily coded since the function calls are all part of
Pidgin. I just wanted to know whether this already exists or if somebody is
already doing this, before I attempt to have a stab at this.

Luis Mondesi

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