Fixing presence icons, was Re: I HATE the lack of protocol icons

Chase chase at
Tue Jun 12 12:39:29 EDT 2007

You guys realize that this is going to be a never ending argument that 
just consumes valuable time right? How long did it take you to read the 
"Re: I HATE the lack of protocol icons" thread that is still going?

The only "fix" is to allow custom presence icons. Give the ability to 
select a default set of icons, a per group set, and an individual 
contact set. The most specific set being the one that takes affect.

Pidgin could ship with the both the generic set and the protocol 
specific sets. Have a drop down in the Add Buddy wizard so that the 
presence icon set can be selected during an add. Or some type of global 

And if you allow user supplied presence icon packs people will go nuts 
creating icon packs for work vs personal contacts, geographical 
locations, male/female, game server location, etc.


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