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Tue Jun 12 21:45:37 EDT 2007

I'm trying to make use of libpurple to handle my connections to all the
different IM protocols in a .Net application. It's quite amazing some
company wants to charge me $10,000 for the same functionality (actually much
less) as what libpurple already does. It's just that libpurple isn't
directly usable in a .Net environment.


Would be great if we can work together to make this component usable to the
.Net folks as well.





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I haven't made much progress with Visual Studio and libpurple.  I'm pretty
sure it's possible though.  I've been busy writing other test programs that
use libpurple.  I wasn't planning on building the pidgin app in Visual
Studio, just libpurple.  If it does turn out that mixing toolchains is too
much of a pain, I'll get back to this and post what happens on the list.


I'm using pidgin 2.0.1 and Visual Studio 2005 at the moment....



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Hi David,


I read your post on Pidgin's mailing list with interest. Could you kindly
send me your solution/project files as I'd like to try building it in MSVS
as well? Which version of Pidgin and MSVS are you using may I know?


Appreciate your help very much.


Best regards,



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