About the List of Possible T-Shirts Producers/Distributors

Juan Luis juanluperez at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 14:27:48 EDT 2007

I've seen the list, and I think you should take in consideration to
select a Producer/Distributor which is able to sell also in Europe.

I've bought a Gentoo T-Shirt at Cafepress, it was sent from USA to
Spain. The problem  it casues is the risk of paying duties. The
T-Shirt is "Hanes".

I've also bought t-shirts from spreadshirt.com, you can also select
between American Apparel, Hanes and others. This distributor has its
own distributor in Europe so there is no problem with the payment of
duties when the shipment goes into Europe.

List of Possible Producers/Distributors

    * cafepress
    * hackerthreads.com
    * zazzle.com
    * spreadshirt.com
    * brandfuelstores.com
    * customink.com (uses American Apparel)
    * thinkgeek.com

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