Zephyr in win Pidgin?

Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Fri Jun 15 02:54:33 EDT 2007

Patrick Whitney wrote:
> Hi Pidgin Developers,
> I've been pouring through the available docs, but have not been able to 
> find any reference to Zephyr being supported, or not supported, in the 
> windows client.   I do not see an option in the windows client to set up 
> a zephyr account.  Are there any plans to put zephyr in the windows client?

It is currently not built on Windows.  Last I remember checking,
libzephyr does not compile on Win32 and required a fair amount of work
to get it there.  Since libzephyr is basically unmaintained, there isn't
that much chance of the code getting merged "upstream" (since there
isn't really one), so it'd be a patchset we'd be keeping in tree for

I don't think that alone is a problem, but someone with an interest
needs to get around to doing the legwork to get libzephyr to build, and
then we can flip the "on" switch to begin shipping it with Windows Pidgin.


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