Moving Sound into Core

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Sat Jun 16 20:32:45 EDT 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Eric Polino spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> I have been brewing over what to do about duplicating code.  As Ethan
>> pointed out, another layer of abstraction is pointless and/or not needed.
>> Some have suggested to move sound into the core so that UI's that want sound
>> can hook into it, and those that don't can just ignore it.  I'm not sure
>> exactly how this would work as I am new to a lot of this, but it seems to
>> make sense to me at a superficial level.  I'm starting up this thread to get
>> a feel for what people think about moving sound into the core.
> My suggestion was to take the sound-playing backend which is shared
> between finch and pidgin and move it into a separate file with an init
> function (similar to a plugin) which can be linked and initialized by
> any UI which wishes to use it.  (This may be only Pidgin and Finch.)
> Ethan


If this approach were used, what do people think about *removing* sound 
from core (moving the small bits directly into gtksound.c or finch's 


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