Moving Sound into Core

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Sun Jun 17 16:23:28 EDT 2007

Mark Doliner wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Jun 2007 19:41:04 -0500, Richard Laager wrote
>> On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 19:32 -0500, Casey Harkins wrote:
>>> If this approach were used, what do people think about *removing* sound 
>>> from core (moving the small bits directly into gtksound.c or finch's 
>>> equivalent)?
>> Without thinking about this a ton or seeing an implementation, I 
>> think it'd probably be okay.
> But then you lose the ability for the core or a core plugin to play a sound
> using purple_sound_play_file().  Would you actually gain anything by this
> change?  It seems like you'd just be shuffling code around.

A quick grep on libpurple/ shows nothing using it right now. I'm not 
sure what 3rd party core plugins might be using it though. I think the 
gain is eliminating an unnecessary layer of abstraction. From what I 
understand, Adium is not using the sound ui_ops from libpurple. Finch is 
already duplicating most of the gtksound.c, so there is little advantage 
  for the abstraction there either.

The ability for core plugins to play sounds would be lost though.

What I didn't consider is what impact this might have on the VV work in 
the future. If it requires some sort of audio abstraction in core, then 
removing it before then would be silly.


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