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Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Jun 18 01:11:11 EDT 2007

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007 19:50:52 -0500, Richard Laager wrote
> On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 12:30 -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:
> > > |   Use dynamically allocated strings for the user_dir caching.  Do 
> > > we need to free these strings at libpurple uninit?  If so, I can 
> > > throw in a purple_util_uninit() function.
> > 
> > I think we should free them at uninit.  What was wrong with using a static
> > buffer??
> What size do you make the buffer? We were using MAXPATHNAMELEN (or
> whatever it was called), which isn't defined on Debian GNU/Hurd as it
> doesn't have any hardcoded limit.

No kidding?  I had no idea that Debian GNU/Hurd didn't have a hardcoded limit.
 That's pretty crazy.  In that case your change makes perfect sense.

> I can add the code to free it on uninit fairly easily. The only use for
> that, I think, is to avoid false positives in Valgrind. That's probably
> useful though.

Yeah, that was the case I was thinking of.  We shut down and free stuff
everywhere else, I think it makes sense to do it here, too.


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