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One thing I use that looks like it's going to be changed is the mouse 
behavior. I did change that for myself to right-click: close, 
left-click: menu, middle-click: conversation, which I'm quite sure 
weren't defaults. I think it would be really useful to be able to edit 
these, as especially on a laptop without an external mouse, it's helpful 
to have a way to close the notification (the main reason I made it right 
instead of middle) in case it's covering up something like my scroll 
down arrow, and I personally use the notifications more for get info 
than for starting a convo (I'm a compulsive away message checker ;)).


Gary Kramlich wrote:
> Sean Egan wrote:
>> On 6/17/07, Gary Kramlich <grim at reaperworld.com> wrote:
>>> As Sean mentioned, we've hashed over this before, many times.  The
>>> issues are, Sean wants it stripped down to the point where I can no
>>> longer use it how I use it.  This in and of itself are unacceptable to
>>> me, and thusly why I have no desire in doing this.  Aside from that,
>>> anyone tracking Guifications 2.x development would be able to tell you
>>> that not much has changed in the past year or so, except to keep it
>>> functional.  This is mainly because I'm working on a bigger more
>>> flexible version of Guifications, which breaks out of Pidgin in an
>>> attempt to consolidate all of the rogue notification behavior out there
>>> that ends up drawing right on top of another rouge notification.
>>> However, there are quite a few things I would be willing to remove to
>>> help get Guifications 2.x into pidgin-proper.  Stacking direction
>>> (default to vertical), Animate (default to yes), display time (default
>>> to 6 seconds; the current default), Mouse actions (with sensible
>>> defaults), per blist-node theme selection, and Max Visible Guifications
>>> (Notifications) and default it to something like 6, the current default.
>>>   I also, would not be against removing themes, IFF we have a "Pidgin
>>> Theme" that would define how to draw the notifications as well.  Keep in
>>> mind, I'm the first to admit how horribly broken the layout and
>>> rendering of themes is, and that this would not be an easy task.
>>> I do however disagree on simplifying the number of notifications.
>>> Guifications 2.14 current supports 19 notifications, buddy pounces
>>> support 10 (most covered by guifications 2.14), and there are others
>>> that pidgin now shows in the buddy list that guifications 2.14 already
>>> covers.  We should *NOT* be showing notifications in numerous places,
>>> assuming that the user will know all of the areas to check, which is why
>>> I am against simplifying the number of notifications.
>>> For anyone that is curious, the behavior I *require* out of guifications
>>> 2.x is this.  I run X in a disjoint setup, which means that I have two
>>> (or more) monitors, that are not "One Big Desktop(tm)".  Which in turn
>>> means I have 2 X displays; :0.0 and :0.1 (think two root windows).  I
>>> run pidgin on :0.1 which is to the right of my direct view.  Since it's
>>> out of my way, I want my notifications visible on :0.0 which is directly
>>> in front of me.  This is one of the behaviors Sean wants to remove.  He
>>> suggested detecting where the tray icon is, but the communication
>>> between an application and a fd.o notification area is done through an
>>> XAtom, which is all done on a *single* root window.  Since I have 2 root
>>> windows, this doesn't work, and I would lose functionality that I 
>>> require.
>> After some discussion in #guifications, I think we all reached an idea
>> for merging Guifications2 into Pidgin that we're all very happy with.
>> The current "Sounds" tab in the preferences dialog will become
>> "Notifications." The complicated "Sound Method" group will have
>> Guifications "Show notifications on monitor" preference added
>> somewhere around there, iff the user has more than one monitor.
>> Guification's "Position" preference will try its hardest to find a
>> Docklet and position itself there. Failing that, it will default to
>> the bottom right.
>> It's "Stack," "Animate," "Mouse action," "Display time," and "Max
>> visible guifications" options will be removed, and their defaults will
>> be used.
>> Guifications' "Show while away" preference will be merged with "Enable
>> sounds: when available, when unavailable, never" option, to becomes
>> "Enable notifications: etc."
>> Similarly, the "Sounds when conversation has focus" preference will
>> also affect Guification notifications.
>> Guifications' "Notifications" page will be merged with "Sound Events"
>> on the new "Notifications" pref page, and renamed simply "Events." A
>> second checkbox will be added: instead of "Play," we will have
>> "Audio," and "Visual." Guifications currently contains a super-set of
>> Sound Events; the Guifications events will be added (which scores us
>> $100 from Murray Gray!)
>> The "Themes" page will be replaced by a single dropdown on the
>> "Interface" tab in Preferences, along with smiley themes and stauts
>> icon themes (sidenote: Etan is currently adding status icon themes and
>> moving it and the smiley theme selection to dropdown menus in the
>> Interface tab).
>> I think this all sounds great! What do you all think?
>> -s.
> This has my blessing ;)
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