The Pidgin Certificate Manager

Pekka Riikonen priikone at
Tue Jun 19 13:10:38 EDT 2007

: I'm William Ehlhardt, Orborde on IRC, and I was brought on through
: Summer of Code to add a usable certificate manager to Pidgin. For the
: moment, my work is limited to SSL X.509 certificates, but the aim is
: to make it extensible enough to be useful for similar certificate
: schemes, such as SILC keys.
Yes it would be nice to be generic solution so that other keys can be used 
too.  SILC Toolkit 1.2 will have support for OpenPGP certificates and 
possible SSH2 keys, enabling the use of these keys in SILC sessions.  
X.509 hopefully comes at some later point to the SILC Toolkit.

You may also be interested to take a look at the SILC Key Repository API 
that was introduced in SILC Toolkit 1.1 and will be extended for 1.2 to 
support other types of keys and certificates (and possibly their 
importing, exporting and verification (currently the API supports only 
storing and retrieval, hence the name repository)).  It's preliminary in 
1.1 but it's sort of similar of what you are doing for purple.

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