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Andreas Monitzer pidgin at
Mon Jun 25 15:43:26 EDT 2007


Right now I committed a patch to add the server's ad-hoc commands as  
action menu items, a screenshot is available at 
adium/2007/ServerAdHoc.png to show what that looks like (on Adium/ 
ejabberd). This way, you can use ad-hoc commands to configure the  
server even without that discovery browser the pidgin developers  
don't want to integrate.

Unfortunately, I had to make a small change to an internal structure  
of the core, _PurplePluginAction. The actions menu items didn't have  
a way to supply any user_data, which is required for this feature  
(since I only have a single callback for all ad-hoc commands). In  
functional languages and Java, this could be easily solved using an  
anonymous class or a lambda expression, but it's impossible in C  
(without falling back to assembler, which is kinda non-portable).

I hope you don't have a problem with that. Since the structure is  
created an freed inside the core, this should not cause any troubles  
for external plugins. It could cause troubles for applications,  
though. For example, Adium seems to re-create the struct on demand,  
so it has to take care to set the user_data pointer before calling  
the action.


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