purple_blist_add_buddy() and purple_account_add_buddy() inconsistency

John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Tue Jun 26 11:49:35 EDT 2007

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Mark Doliner wrote:
> This looks like exactly what add_buddy_cb in pidgin/gtkblist.c does.  I don't
> understand why the oscar buddies wouldn't show up as online.  And I don't
> understand why disabling/enabling the account would fix it.  Are the buddies
> getting added to the server correctly (you should see some "ssi" lines in the
> debug window)?  Do you actually receive presence for those buddies (you might
> see some "Updating buddy status" lines in the debug log)?
> -Mark

I do see the "oscar: ssi:" and "blist: Updating buddy status for screenname
(AIM)" lines in the debug log.  Interestingly enough, in my testing this morning
I was able to see the status of the imported buddies in all 10 test runs I did,
whereas yesterday  I couldn't see their status at all without signing out and
back in no matter how many times I tried.  The aliases and notes were also
correctly imported.  Nothing has changed since I tested yesterday.

I'm beginning to wonder if at least the status portion was a server issue, given
that no matter what I do now I can't reproduce the problem.  It would have been
nice if I had been smart enough to save the debug logs from my previous
attempts; I may have missed something that would have explained the whole situation.

Sorry for the waste of everyone's time.

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