Searchresults API

Andreas Monitzer pidgin at
Tue Jun 26 07:46:23 EDT 2007

On Jun 26, 2007, at 08:40, Mark Doliner wrote:

> When the user clicks the red bubble to close the search results  
> window, you
> should call either purple_notify_close() or  
> purple_notify_close_with_handle()
> to destroy the libpurple side of the search results window.  That  
> will call
> the close_notify ui_op in Adium (your code), which should in turn  
> close the
> search results window.  Does that make sense?

Yes, I think that has solved the issue. Thanks!

> I can't speak on behalf of the Adium people, but this sounds like a  
> bad idea
> to me.  If a user wants to close a window you should let them.  If  
> you get
> additional search results after that then they should be discarded

I agree on that one.

Note that only the gadugadu plugin uses this search_results_new_rows  
API, so it's kinda hard to test it (esp. considering my non-existing  
Polish language capabilities).


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