Some suggestions on the infopane of conversation

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Tue Jun 26 19:47:58 EDT 2007

Hi. There are some changes I have made, that I seem to like more than
what we have right now. The screenshots:

The things to note:
 * The status icon goes back in the tab.
 * The infopane moves to the bottom of the conversation history.
 * The protocol-icon replaces the status-icon in the infopane.
 * The status message/chat topic goes to the right of the screenname
   instead of below.
 * The tab is displayed even when you have only one tab.
 * You cannot drag-n-drop the infopane for anything.
 * The buddyicon is really cute.

Essentially, the infopane is not a part of the tab anymore, and it's not
exactly a blist node either. But I think it looks better, and is as useful
as it is expected to be. (the tooltip and a send-to context menu are also
in the plans)



* SuperMMX had this to say on [25 Jun 2007, 15:12:38 +0800]:
> hi, guys, here are my thoughts on the infopane shown in the Pidgin converstion :
> * The long one-line information should tooltipled the same as before to get
>   the whole info.
> * For IRC channels, I will never alias them, so the channel name shown again
>   on the infopane will waste some space and feels not comfortable to see two
>   #NAMEs
> * For IMs, I prefer the protocol icon insdead of all the same green circle for
>   different buddies of the same contact.
> * The color of IRC channel topic should be different to the color of other 
>   state-changed tabs.
> * By right clicking on the infopane, tt is better to list available buddies 
>   for current contact, instead of current conversation list, (which is the 
>   same as right clicking the tabs).
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> A. Because it makes the logic of the discussion difficult to follow.
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> A. No.
> Q Should I top post?
> A: Because it destroys the flow of the conversation
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> A: No, it's bad.
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