Announcing MySpaceIM Protocol Plugin (v0.8 alpha) for Pidgin

Jeff Connelly jaconnel at
Wed Jun 27 00:27:59 EDT 2007

Greetings all. For Summer of Code I have been working on developing a
protocol plugin to allow MySpaceIM to be used under Pidgin. I'm glad
to announce a new alpha version of this plugin, msimprpl 0.8 alpha,
adding support for basic text formatting capabilities on incoming
messages, faking yourself as being online on your own buddy list, and
several bug fixes.

A handful of users have tested earlier versions of msimprpl, but this
version is now quite usable  (your mileage may vary - I haven't been
able to test it on Windows yet) so I'd like to open it up to a wider
audience. I invite everyone to try it out. All feedback is

The latest msimprpl is in the Monotone branch: im.pidgin.soc.2007.msimprpl
0.8 source code can be downloaded from:
More information on msimprpl:

A few questions:

What would I need to do to get this code merged into im.pidgin.pidgin?

If or when msimprpl is not in im.pidgin.pidgin, where would be the
best place to upload alpha msimprpl releases?

Jeff Connelly

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