Infopane Issues

Richard Laager rlaager at
Tue Jun 26 21:22:31 EDT 2007

First off, this information is based on my experiences with MTN trunk as
of a couple of days ago. Second, I haven't played with this a ton. That
said, I have a few comments (which hopefully aren't duplicates):

1. I really like the look of the info pane for a single chat. For
anything with tabs, I think it's an unnecessary waste of space. The only
value it provides is the current buddy (as opposed to contact), which I
don't care about.

2. I think I've lost the ability to change the topic in a chat room. I
realize that, on IRC at least, I could use /topic, but I wouldn't be
able to copy-and-paste the existing topic. I suppose I could use /topic
to get the topic and then use it again, but do we really want to remove
the GUI option?

3. There seems to be a bug with the Send To menu. It doesn't update the
infopane to reflect the new buddy.

4. The info pane in chat rooms is inconsistent. It displays the chat
*alias* in the info pane, while IM conversations show the buddy *name*.

If we were to make the infopane optional (which I think we should), I
think we should consider bringing back the status icons in the tabs when
the infopane is disabled. I don't really use them, but I think it's
reasonable that other people do.

Also, with only one conversation in the window, is it possible to drag
and drop it into another window, or drag and drop another tab into that

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