Infopane Issues

Sean Egan seanegan at
Wed Jun 27 11:32:22 EDT 2007

On 6/26/07, Richard Laager <rlaager at> wrote:
> 1. I really like the look of the info pane for a single chat. For
> anything with tabs, I think it's an unnecessary waste of space. The only
> value it provides is the current buddy (as opposed to contact), which I
> don't care about.

Some people really, really, do care about it as we've learned. ;)
However, you also get the buddy icon (this is a much better place for
the buddy icon than next to the input) and the status message, neither
of which I consider without value.

> 2. I think I've lost the ability to change the topic in a chat room. I
> realize that, on IRC at least, I could use /topic, but I wouldn't be
> able to copy-and-paste the existing topic. I suppose I could use /topic
> to get the topic and then use it again, but do we really want to remove
> the GUI option?

You have, temporarily. The intention is to change the topic the same
way you alias people in the buddy list.

> 3. There seems to be a bug with the Send To menu. It doesn't update the
> infopane to reflect the new buddy.

It also doesn't update on status changes or probably half a dozen
other things. gtkconv has a single "update stuff" function, and I need
to just adjust it to update the right things at the right time.

> 4. The info pane in chat rooms is inconsistent. It displays the chat
> *alias* in the info pane, while IM conversations show the buddy *name*.

Good catch.

> If we were to make the infopane optional (which I think we should),

It will be optional using the "show buddy icon" preference, renamed to
something understandable.

> Also, with only one conversation in the window, is it possible to drag
> and drop it into another window, or drag and drop another tab into that
> window?

Did you try? ;)

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