Suggestion for the Pidgin UI

nachotronics nachotronics at
Wed Jun 27 11:40:34 EDT 2007

Hello, i don't know if this is the place for this, but i came up with 
two ideas that in my opinion would make the contact list better:

1- Add the ability of sending email straight from the list, probably 
just launching a "mailto:xxx at" link or some email client with 
command line arguments. It doesn't seem hard to do, at least to me but i 
know nothing on programing so you tell me if I'm wrong.

2- When searching for contacts, that is when you start typing a name on 
the contact list, disconnected or unavailable contacts could be shown 
momentarily. I use the "hide offline contacts" option, so the list is 
smaller and easy to handle, but when you need someones email you have to 
disable this, then search, this can be easier.

Thanks for your time, keep up with the great job. Pidgin is awesome!!


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