Change Proxy in Pidgin

Charlie Blank CharlieMailinglist at
Wed Jun 27 18:13:40 EDT 2007


 I am using my computer at work and at home; my company requires to have
a HTTP-Proxy configured in the system. 


 Is there any way to integrate a plugin/menu in Pidgin that enables me
to change the proxy by one single mouseclick:

e.g. changing the proxy-settings to company proxy/no proxy for all of
the Pidgin connections and initiate a reconnect? 

Or e.g. killing current pidgin - changing the value for the proxy in the
config-file and starting pidgin again? 


What would be the best approach? Do I need to write a plugin (I do have
scripting expertise - but no professional C/C++ expertise) ?

Any contributors willing to work together with me on a solution? 


Thanks for your comments. 



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