Python interface and DBus

Parand Darugar darugar at
Thu Jun 28 16:27:43 EDT 2007


I'm interested in a simple interface for messaging - just the basics:
send/receive messages, add remove friends, etc - either in a language
neutral form, or in Python. I'll be using it from a web based app, so
no traditional UI.

My first thought was to create a simple swig/ctypes/etc wrapper around
libpurple for Python, but then I ran across dbus. After a bit of
futzing around I have dbus working, for the most part.

My questions are:
- Are there any existing Python wrappers I can use?

- Am I better off wrapping the libpurple C API in Python or using
DBus? Are there any disadvantages to using DBus?

- Anyone else interested in a no-frills Python libpurple wrapper?



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