Python interface and DBus

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Fri Jun 29 03:01:15 EDT 2007

Hi Parand, Hi all

I'm new to the list, but read it quite for a while. So if I miss sth, 
please do not hesitate to correct me ;)

Parand Darugar wrote:
> I'm interested in a simple interface for messaging - just the basics:
> send/receive messages, add remove friends, etc - either in a language
> neutral form, or in Python. I'll be using it from a web based app, so
> no traditional UI.
... and me would like to have an interface for Java ...

> My first thought was to create a simple swig/ctypes/etc wrapper around
> libpurple for Python, but then I ran across dbus. After a bit of
> futzing around I have dbus working, for the most part.
I also came around SWIG when I searched for a way to ease to use of JNI. 
Then I read about Eoin Coffey's SoC project for wrapping libpurple in .NET
I contacted him (maybe he will respond to your message either) and asked 
if he considers using SWIG too. His answer was (short-quoted): "SWIG is 
not yet ruled out", but he thinks of SoC as a learning project. So he 
would feel like cheating, if he let SWIG do his work for him.

I would love to have SWIG included into libpurple, as it would offer a 
lot of language bindings and therefore it would definitely make 
libpurple more interesting for people writing IM-clients.
How are the main contributors thinking about such an approach? It could 
also help the process of making libpurple more independant of pidgin and 
establish it as a library of its own.

> - Anyone else interested in a no-frills Python libpurple wrapper?
If there also pops out a Java wrapper, YES :)

Unfortunately I'm writing my diploma thesis right now, so I won't have 
much time till end of august, but then I'm willing to help, as much as I 


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