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Evan Schoenberg evands at
Thu May 3 00:45:00 EDT 2007

On May 3, 2007, at 12:28 AM, Sean Egan wrote:

> Back in the day, I remember this was an important distinction for some
> reason. I think maybe AOL people didn't have buddy lists? Or other
> things? I don't know.

AOL people's profiles can't be viewed.  Last I checked, they couldn't  
do Direct IM or File Transfer with AIM folk (though they can with  
each other, for whatever that's worth to them, bless their hearts).   
Those last two bits, anyways, are covered by our capabilities  
handling... we might want to actually display a message in the  
profile space ("This buddy is using AOL, so no profile is available")  
rather than depend on knowing that AOL emblem = profile will be  
blank.  Can't think of any other relevant differences offhand.

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