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Mark Doliner mark at
Thu May 3 01:32:14 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2 May 2007 21:28:57 -0700, Sean Egan wrote
> It's been pointed out that, while we don't show what protocol someone
> is using, we retain AOL as an emblem, to show when a user is using 
> the AOL client (not the AIM client, but the AOL ISP thing).
> Back in the day, I remember this was an important distinction for 
> some reason. I think maybe AOL people didn't have buddy lists? Or other
> things? I don't know.
> In any case, I'm guessing that the fact that someone's using the AOL
> client is no longer relevant. Does someone with more familiar with 
> AOL know anything? Does Winaim still show if someone's on AOL?

I don't think it's very important.  It's so rare that anyone these days is
actually using the AOL client.


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