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Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Thu May 3 01:58:57 EDT 2007

* Etan S. C. Reisner had this to say on [03 May 2007, 01:42:25 -0400]:
> On Thu, May 03, 2007 at 01:15:10AM -0400, Luke Schierer wrote:
> > I am not at all confident that it would be possible for a plugin to put
> > porotocol icons back into the buddy list.  It would however be very easy
> > to put them into the conversation tab.  There are some docs on plugins
> > at and of course
> > there are plugins in the source tarball in pidgin/plugins and
> > libpurple/plugins.  You would be more interested in the pidgin/plugins,
> > since you would be looking at UI plugins, those that have GTK code in
> > them.
> >
> > luke
> I likewise was under the impression that it wouldn't be easy for a plugin
> to bring back the per-protocol status icons but something someone said in
> #pidgin has got me thinking that it might be. A plugin that listens to
> buddy-status-changed and found the correct buddynode should be able to
> simply replace the icon in the gtkblist treeview with the status icon they
> want I *think*. I haven't looked at the source to confirm whether we give

It might be easier to listen to "row_changed" on gtkblist->treemodel,
look at the value in NODE_COLUMN of the changed row, and if it's a
buddy/contact, update the STATUS_ICON_COLUMN for the row from the
callback, with a check to avoid falling into infinite recursion because
changing the icon should also trigger the callback.


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