List of things I don't like about using Monotone

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu May 3 02:09:30 EDT 2007

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 10:38:56 +0100, Chris Stafford wrote
> Mark Doliner wrote:
> > * I have to freaking compile my own deb for Ubuntu in order to use a version
> > that isn't ancient.
> >
> I grabbed a 3.3 .deb targetted at Dapper (I think) off the monotone
> website and it's working fine in Feisty. That said the whole process 
> of getting the repository and setting up the DB is enough of a pain 
> that it would have put me off writing patches in the first place if 
> I didn't already have one to fix up.

Oh, it looks like they've been providing x86 debs since version 0.33.  I guess
I hadn't checked since February.  That makes this much less of an issue (but
it's still nice not to have to download and install debs manually).


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