Direction of Pidgin development

Torrey McMahon tmcmahon2 at
Mon May 7 18:54:40 EDT 2007

On 5/5/07, Andrew Roeder <correnthean at> wrote:

> >
> >
> > Personally the problem i'm seeing with the plugin system is that, Pidgin
> > comes with a load of default plugins already, if they are going to always be
> > distributed with even the source of pidgin, or packaged in its default
> > installer, they might as well not be plugins, obviously they're important
> > enough to be designed into Pidgin's preferences instead of thrown into the
> > "plugins" section.
> >
> > My annoyance with the new "plugins" is that they're just cluttering up the
> > plugins menu, when i go to plugins  I want to see modules loaded that I
> > personally added of my own accord, not the default set of Pidgin options
> > that should be located in preferences.

Is there a definition of what a plugin is? (No, not the webster 
definition....) Is there a set of requirements around bundling of 
plugins or when a plugin can/should become core functionality? I think 
the thread is bouncing around a bit and getting that defined will help.

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