Gaim automagically uninstalled?

Scott Sauyet scott at
Tue May 8 12:02:58 EDT 2007

Daniel Atallah wrote:
> There are no automatic updates.  You (or someone else) would have had
> to choose to uninstall it.

Or Symantec Antivirus might decide gaim.exe is infected with something 
called W32.Grum.A and choose to remove it.  Nine seconds later it 
detected something called bncmdue7h.dll, a brand new malware first seen 
in the wild May 4 (according to  I'm sure 
one of these two viruses is responsible for all of this.  I don't know 
if there was a real infection in Gaim.  I usually check the download MD5 
hashes, but I don't remember Gaim/Pidgin coming with one, so perhaps it 
was a corrupted download, but it had been running for more than a month 
on this machine without any issue.

In any case, I'm off to repair the damage.

But this list should probably know that Symantec may be reporting an 
issue with W32.Grum.A ( in one of the late 
betas of Gaim.

Thanks for your help,

   -- Scott

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