Gaim automagically uninstalled?

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue May 8 10:58:02 EDT 2007

scott_sauyet spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I've had a few bizarre PC problems in the last few days, and the first sign
> of them was when GAIM disappeared on me.  Completely.  My profile was still
> there, but the program was gone.  Is there some magical uninstaller related
> to the lawsuit? 

No, this is completely unreasonable to even suggest.  It's amazing
what the Windows Mentality ("This is supposed to be completely broken,
right?") has done to computing.

>  I installed Pidgin with no problems, and it seems to be running fine, but
> there are two new issues that I can't see as related, but which started
> then:  Windows Explorer has lost its menu bar.  (I know a registry hack to
> restore it, but it hasn't stuck past a reboot yet.  The latest fix may have
> done that too; we'll see.)  And I seem to be infected with something trying
> to send SPAM from my machine.  I haven't been able yet to trace down what
> process is doing that.

I'm going to suggest that whatever remote-controlled daemon you have
installed on your computer which is spamming is probably messing up a
lot of other things, as well.  Your computer needs some serious TLC,
and you should seriously consider installing something responsible on
it -- for which Windows does not qualify.  Start with some
virus/trojan/spyware cleanup programs.


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