Registering new accounts

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Wed May 9 01:05:05 EDT 2007

To get this out there for people who weren't in #pidgin at the time, while
discussing som XMPP/Google Talk stuff The_Tick said:

00:48:11 <The_Tick> also, offering to auto create a jabber id should the user/pass fail to work

by way of explaining how Adium handles registering accounts that don't exist yet.

I'm not sure I like it because it requires people to think "I want to use
a jabber account, let me just go make up a username, server, and password
and see if it works" which is not a model I think anyone is going to have

For reference screenshots of the steps are (currently) up at: and by way of explaining why this
method works for Adium it might have to do with Bonjour and Apple users
having gotten used to registration-less protocols like that.


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