Registering new accounts

Chris Stafford gaimsubs at
Wed May 9 05:16:17 EDT 2007

Etan Reisner wrote:
> To get this out there for people who weren't in #pidgin at the time, while
> discussing som XMPP/Google Talk stuff The_Tick said:
> 00:48:11 <The_Tick> also, offering to auto create a jabber id should the user/pass fail to work
> by way of explaining how Adium handles registering accounts that don't exist yet.
> I'm not sure I like it because it requires people to think "I want to use
> a jabber account, let me just go make up a username, server, and password
> and see if it works" which is not a model I think anyone is going to have
> ready.
> For reference screenshots of the steps are (currently) up at:
> and by way of explaining why this
> method works for Adium it might have to do with Bonjour and Apple users
> having gotten used to registration-less protocols like that.
I never really got used to the idea of just giving some credentials and
hoping they fly. It doesn't help that many XMPP servers (eg Google Talk
and corporate) aren't designed that way either. I'd prefer Sean's
solution of having a register button take you to the right website (or
dialog for protocols like XMPP). That would be even better if XMPP
servers published their registration policies to clients on request. I
don't suppose they do do they?


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